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J. Locke & Company, LLC is uniquely focused on creating lasting value through investment and collaboration with highly innovative entrepreneurs and business owners to launch, expand or reinvigorate their organizations.


Our preferred approach is through investing in equity and actively working along side founders, or an ideation team to bridge an idea into a new company.  We will bring capital and strategic support to the table when and where appropriate given the specific circumstances. 


More broadly, J. Locke’s approach to creating value is that of a highly pragmatic generalist, bringing cross-industry best practices and knowledge to each engagement. Resulting from our novel firm structure, our highly experienced team is able to customize a solution based on the uniqueness of each situation.  We have a large tool kit, a high level of flexibility, and are able to select our approach pragmatically.


Investment  We are actively creating newly formed entities and supporting well established companies seeking a tectonic level of growth.   We are especially focused on creating new companies which "always should have been", where the product brings meaningful and lasting value to the customers and the community.  Across all of our investments we seek exceptionally high levels of alignment with all constituencies focusing both value delivered and lasting value creation.
Special Situations  We are happy to "roll up our sleeves and dig in" to complex situations.   We have deep experience are comfortable engaging with companies that are in restart, recovery, or recondition mode and will approach each situation with creativity and an open mind, and where possible and appropriate create a new operational and financial structure to create lasting value.
Capital Advisory  We selectively undertake advisory work where we believe we can add considerable value through our experiential perspective and creativity.

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