About Us

J. Locke & Company, LLC is a boutique merchant bank focused on special situations, where we can create lasting value through our contribution of advisory services and capital.


Our areas of focus include the purchase of equity in private companies, the acquisition of control stakes in distressed companies, and M&A and other advisory projects in select circumstances.


J. Locke’s approach to creating value is that of a highly pragmatic generalist, bringing cross-industry best practices and knowledge to each engagement. Our highly experienced team is able to customize a solution based on the uniqueness of each situation. We have a large tool kit, a high level of flexibility, and are able to select our approach pragmatically.


Capital Advisory

We selectively undertake capital advisory work, with emphasis on merger and acquisition engagements, balance sheet restructurings, and other situations where we feel we can add substantial value.


We actively seek companies that would benefit from an infusion of our firm’s capital. Our preference is for majority ownership situations, corporate spin-outs, or buyouts where we can add maximum value.

Special Situations

Companies that are in restart, recovery, or recondition mode find us to be a trusted partner. We often see potential where others may not, leveraging our advisory services and capital to unlock hidden value.