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We have purposely created a team and a firm structure to allow us to deliver the right solution at the right time.  We are, at our foundation, seekers of the truth.  Our commitment: we will give you direct, honest and actionable feedback regarding your idea, your team, your preparedness, your valuation, our due diligence and our estimation of the probability of success.

Our Culture

Our firm is rooted in timeless values, with our eyes firmly focused on the future

Integrity is everything. We are straight shooters, and only do business with those who are honest and honorable

Alignment across all of our interactions is the core of our approach. We believe over the long term success of all constituencies is, and should be, inextricably linked

Excellence.  We strive as individuals, and as a team, for excellence in all that we do, and align well with others whom approach their efforts with the same level of vigor and persistence


Value Creation.  We are single-mindedly focused on creating lasting value for all members of the value chain beginning with the customers and in particular deeply appreciating the need the product is solving and the lasting value it is creating through that solution


Truth and Logic.  Facts, logic, and reason matter.  We are intellectually curious seekers of the truth, and enjoy bringing that truth to bear on the subject matter


Candor and Respect.  We believe that clear, honest, respectful and open communication is vital and leads to better outcomes for all parties


Confidentiality.  We approach all of our work with the utmost levels of privacy and confidentiality for all  

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