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Rick Fedorowich


Mr. Fedorowich has a deep background of working with company ownership, executives, investors and intermediaries to create lasting value. 

Rick most enjoys working closely with inspired founders and management teams who are attempting to make a meaningful impact to their industry through their work.  Sharing a common belief that innovative disruption has the potential to create lasting and material value for all participants in the company value chain, Rick most enjoys working with founders on business strategy, medium and long term growth management and business operations execution, strategic partnerships and M&A events to maximize corporate value. 

Rick began his career at Ernst & Young, where he was a member of the entrepreneurial services group and subsequently worked as an Executive with Schroders & Fidelity Investments and within those organizations as a General Partner in two top quartile series of Venture Investment Funds (F-Prime & SV Health Investors).  Through that activity and his activity at Constantium, Rick has led over 200 early stage investments with exits ranging from billion dollar public offerings to small strategic mergers.

Rick is the Investment Principal of Constantium and is a member of the Board of Directors and/or is a Board Observer at a number of emerging companies.  Rick is also a Member of the Boston Economics Club, The Boston Committee on Foreign Relations, The Hamilton Trust and the Launchpad Venture Group.   In addition, Rick remains active with a number of charitable organizations, primarily focused on Education and Community Engagement.

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